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Orange-Base offers high-end CFO services part time and full time on an interim- or project basis
through independent finance professionals.


Orange-Base is the flexible and pragmatic CFO services provider
seamlessly helping finance functions of international enterprises 
deliver valuable insight, oversight, and foresight 
as a fair and true finance business partner
to build a better borderless business.


We service internationally operating middle-market companies(*). Our clients operate in a wide variety of industries.
We have our stronghold in Northwestern Europe and focus on companies that are
privately held, publicly owned, or private equity controlled.

We work with ambitious clients and experts who want to step into the future, not walk away from it.
Together, we bring about outstanding results.


(*) Middle-market companies generate sales between €15m and €500m.

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“Also when it comes to transfer pricing, competence matters and experience counts. That and the ability to collaborate made the difference for our transfer pricing project. It gave the project real organisational impact.”

“Orange-Base filled the interim CFO-position with empathy and humour.
The executive led the finance team based on positive principles. Orange-Base delivered excellent service at great value. I gladly recommend them."

"After we took over a company abroad we were happy Orange-Base assumed the CFO-position in a period of transition.
The interim CFO spoke our language and understood our culture. That made a big difference for us."

“Their experienced finance professional brought a pragmatic attitude and sincere interest to the assignment.
Besides, their model assumes more client control over the approach and results. I like that.”

“I respect the big4 audit firms, but I didn’t need someone ending up telling me what to do. Neither did I need their overhead costs.
I needed the day-by-day hands-on delivery approach by a finance professional."

“Orange-Base's interim finance director came with the competence and professionalism of a Big4 consultant and the pragmatism and flexibility of a freelancer. The best of both worlds! We highly recommend Orange-Base."